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Who plays with her as she dreams?...

I’d like to share something that occurred last night…

My father passed away from pancreatic cancer on June 28,2007.  His illness & subsequent fight forever changed my life .  I’d like to reserve that story for future posts, for as I’ve mentioned, I intend my blog to be not just about my horror fiction, but about my life, my views, & the world spinning round me.  But my father has returned many a time to deliver messages & signs to me, & last night I may have discovered he’s in my house more often than I think…

Athena Jude, my daughter, never had the opportunity to know what a great man my father was, and of course, he never had a chance to hold her in his arms & gaze upon her with earthly eyes.  It’s something that gnaws at me everyday.  In my quiet moments, I silently wonder the sense of it all… why my father had been taken away… and if there is such a thing as an “ethereal door;” if indeed my father’s passing merely served to open the passage to my own daughter’s deliverance. 

Athena is nearly 2-1/2 yrs old.  She unfortunately has a speech delay, but is slowly making progress through speech therapy.  The reason I mention this is because although my daughter can only verbalize a few words, she understands exactly what you say or ask of her.  She’s a very bright little girl – she’s my sunshine.  I’ve always believed that keeping to a routine is very important in any child’s life; one of the routines I maintain with Athena is, just before putting her to bed, listening to me as I say some prayers.  I then have her kiss the pictures of my father & also my beloved dog AJ, both together now in Heaven.  But Athena doesn’t know what this really means.  She knows only of “our routine”… the prayers, & kisses to Grandpa Joe & to “big fuzzy sister” AJ.

My wife told me about a week or so ago that Athena had been playing in her room when suddenly she stopped & looked to the ceiling for no apparent reason.  She seemed fixated on one spot, a huge smile upon her face.  I let the incident, if one could call it that, go; after all, it’s not like my daughter can actually tell me what, if anything, she had seen.

Last night, after putting Athena to bed, I settled in myself to catch up on some reading.  About 20 minutes or so later, I heard my daughter calling out “Dada” from the intercom.  I walked into her room & found her standing in her crib, the soft glow of her night-light illuminating the big smile across her face.  She kept pointing to the dresser across the room, & it seemed her attention was on a particular picture frame of myself, Athena as a baby, & our AJ.  I said, “Are you pointing at AJ?”  My daughter nodded yes.  And then I had to ask.

I truly don’t know where the question came from, but it left my lips before I realized it.  “Where’s Grandpa Joe?”  My daughter promptly pointed to the sky.  Now, I’ve never made such gestures before, & to say I stood there stunned is an understatement.  Then I inquired a bit differently of Athena : “Where do you see Grandpa Joe?”  Once more, my daughter pointed to the sky.  I asked her if Grandpa Joe played with her & she said yuh, which is her little way of saying yes.  And I asked if he brings AJ with him, & she answered with another yuh & a cute, shy smile.

I’ve always requested, in my own prayers, for my dad & AJ to be allowed to play with Athena every night as she sleeps & dreams.  I guess it’s my way of comforting myself; I want them both to know my daughter, & I want Athena to know them.  I’ve heard & read that children can see the spirit world far easier than adults, that the veil separating our world from the beyond is something like a feather for a child, one that can easily be blown aside, rather than the imposing wall of darkness we, as adults, often perceive.  That their key to looking, & actually seeing, the beyond, is something so simple & pure – innocence.  Watching my daughter on a daily basis, I can readily believe that is so.

I wonder what stories my daughter may share with me when she finally speaks.  I wonder the magic her words may hold.  But for now, the play dates she attends once her eyes slip shut are for her & her alone.  If the next time I hear her giggle in her slumber, I will know she’s in familiar arms…

7 thoughts on “Has my father come back to visit my daughter?

  1. Ellen says:

    What a remarkable story to share. Children see the world (both of them) with a light and open sense of acceptance. I have no doubt that
    your Dad has delighted in your daughter’s company and will continue to check in on her. And, bring your faithful companion.
    Continued success with her therapy , and when she has the ability
    to explain what she has shared, you can both smile at the journey
    your Dad and AJ have made home.

  2. Thank you, Ellen. As you will read in my upcoming blogs, my father & I have shared an unique relationnship since he’s passed on.

    1. Ellen says:

      look forward to reading more of those blogs..

  3. Norman LeDonne says:

    Joe, that is an amazing and beautiful event. I didn’t want to say story, since I know that it is true. You are right. Jesus is always there for the children, and I’m sure your father is standing right by your daughter. You are truly blessed.

  4. Sue Baldino says:

    I believe that you daugher really does see your dad. My daughter is 21 months old now but she was only 3 months old when my father died so she didn’t really get to know him but I always showed her pictures of him. Many times she will say his name and Chris and I usually ask her “where is he” and she will either point up at the ceiling or just point in any direction. I like to think that he really does come to see her 🙂

  5. Hi Joseph :).. I found your Blog very recently -I wish I had found it sooner- so this is only the 4th Post i read…and so far i like what i’m reading… Now for this Post: I truly believe that children can see and feel many things. And i really think Athena saw or feel your father’s presence(Aura ) in the room.I also lost my father (last year)and my daughter always tells me..”Don’t worry mom Grandpa is very Happy up there” and i believe her….thank for share this with us Joe…….S

    1. Thank you, Stauroylla! And welcome to my blog 🙂
      I’m sorry to hear that you also lost your father – it’s not an easy thing to deal with, nor does it get easier. But you always need to hold the faith that your loved ones aren’t “gone,” per se…they’ve just started a new life, a glorious vacation, that one day in time you will share with them.

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