Joseph A. Pinto

barflypoet & author of dark fiction

The Day The Sun Stopped Shining Tour 2011 is upon us!

Already, dark angels of cataclysmic confusion harken as my body valiantly repels invasion from alien spawn (I’ve got a cold & just woke from a nap…but seriously, I sound braver after reading that first sentence, so just roll with it).  Aah, but an apocalyptic struggle does await, for tonight, my beloved New Orleans Saints wage heavenly battle against the lowly dirty birds known by a sadder lot as the Atlanta Falcons.

But I do hope you all had a Merry Christmas…hope all took the time indulging in festive cheer, food & grog…for now that The Day The Sun Stopped Shining Tour 2011 has officially begun, I fear the smile upon your face – and the last shred of sunlight in the sky – shall quickly fade…

Start hopping like mad, people!!!! 

Johanna K. Pitcairn – The Manicheans

Matthew C Wood –

Micheal Rivers  – Micheal Rivers Blog

Axel Howerton –

Renee Pawlish –

Andy Holloman –

Tim Ward –

Tim Ward podcast –

Jason McKinney –

Keith Weaver –

Andrew Bell –

Davida Green-Norris (Dicey Grenor) –

Rae Lori –

Marie Harbon –

Amanda Haulk Taylor –

Joseph Pinto -

Julie Jansen –

Kelly DeWitt – Raven c.s. McCracken’s books

Kim Koning –

Caitlin Hopper –

Alesha Escobar –

Marissa Farrar

Cecilia Robert

Edward Owen

Georgina Kamsika

James L. Hatch

Lindsay Edmunds

P.R Mason

Qwantu Amaru

Shelley Workinger

Nadina Boun

Julia Antione

Charles Jones

Michelle Franklin  

Brian Johnson

Sheila Lamb

Diane Hartsock

Eileen Clemens Granfors

Andrea Pearson

9 thoughts on “The Day The Sun Stopped Shining Blog Tour 2011 Starts Today! (Dec 26 – Dec 31, 2011)

  1. Julie Jansen says:

    Nice to meet you during the Day the Sun Stopped Shining Blog Tour!


    1. Hi Julie, likewise 🙂 I’ll be visiting your site shortly; may I trouble you for a cup of coffee so I can stick around awhile? :p

  2. Great to be in this tour with you Joseph. Looking forward to all the blog posts.

    1. Thanks Michael! I should have my story for the tour up later tonight or tomorrow 🙂

  3. nadinaboun says:

    Hey Joseph, dropping by to read your post & say have fun too!

    1. Hi Nadina! 🙂 Thank you. I hope to get my flash fiction post up today & finally around to everyone else’s blogs as well. Tough week to fit this all in! (wheh!!)

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