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barflypoet & author of dark fiction

Where do I even begin?  Maybe I should start by saying that I don’t “game plan” my writing.  I sit; I write.  It’s that simple.  I never steer a story’s direction, nor do I even attempt to influence it in any way.  I see images in my mind; I feel emotions wash over me.  Then I go about creating…  It’s not something I can easily describe.

Each story has life.  Each story is a life.  It’s my responsibility to birth it.  I allow each their own identity.  They are my children, and I am equally proud of them all.

Have you read Sex-Starved Thing on Pen of the Damned yet?  I have no issue telling you it’s quite the story.  It’s a depraved tale about a man and his Sex-Starved Thing.  It is brutal.  It is violent.  It is disturbing.  Yet it’s about as beautiful a piece of prose as I have ever written.

I created Sex-Starved Thing while sitting in my basement.  Ipad on my lap; wine on my table.  Stereo cranked.  No motive inside my head.  But there it was: “Nails grate across stone; she comes for me.”  The beginnings of a new life.  As I said earlier, it’s that simple.  No game plan.  No map.

But that only scratches the surface.  True, I had no idea how my story would develop.  But once crafted, I realized my subconscious screamed out on many darker levels.  Is Sex-Starved Thing a state of unconditional love or a condemnation to love’s conditions?  Hmm.  So many things unanswered; so many angles left to ponder on your own.

What does it stir within you?

Please enjoy Sex-Starved Thing on Pen of the Damned

23 thoughts on “‘Sex-Starved Thing’ on Pen of the Damned

  1. legendsofgreenisle says:

    That’s how stories usually come, out of the darkness, screaming into existence. They write themselves through us. 🙂

    1. Joseph Pinto says:

      Hi Connie, how are you? 🙂 Thank you for stopping by

      There’s no greater high than creating something from absolute nothing! 🙂

      1. legendsofgreenisle says:

        Doing well. Gearing up for Graduation and then onto Graduate school at Clemson. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

      2. Joseph Pinto says:

        Thank you, Connie! You too! 🙂

  2. Fantastic piece, Joe! I really enjoyed the prose of this one!! 😉

    1. Joseph Pinto says:

      Thank you Nina!! It’s always gratifying to write for yourself & learn that others appreciate the final product!

  3. Hunter Shea says:

    Wine? I pictured you as a Southern Comfort and Coke kinda guy. LOL It really is a great piece.

    1. Joseph Pinto says:

      lmao Thanks, Hunter! I need to drink wine at home. Johnnie Black is a little dangerous for sitting alone lol

  4. Storytelling is my absolute favorite thing to do. It sounds incredible see what so many different writers come up with with their own styles!

    1. Joseph Pinto says:

      Hey Olive! How are you? Thanks for joining my blog 🙂

      I think that style, for a writer, is something you have without realizing you own. Certainly not a tangible “thing” one should pursue. Make sense? lol

      Have you had a chance to read “Sex-Starved Thing” yet?

      1. Hi Joseph!

        I haven’t had the opportunity to read it yet, but it’s definitely on my to do list (:

        And yes I could not agree more. I really enjoy having an atypical style in my writing. It’s really difficult to tell an artist to follow the rules. Haha (:

      2. Joseph Pinto says:

        Rules? There aren’t any rules! 😉 lol

  5. Shadow Girl says:

    I can’t wait to read it! Going there now!

    1. Joseph Pinto says:

      Hi Shadow Girl!! Welcome to my lil haunt 😉

      Why thank you so much! 🙂

  6. Maggie Mae says:

    The creative content here is so unique. High quality. Congratulations on a fantastic piece of work. I love it.

    1. Joseph Pinto says:

      Hey Maggie! 🙂 Thank you so much! Thrilled that you enjoyed it. And I appreciate your kind words. It’s always amazing to “spit” something out of my head that strikes a chord with readers 🙂

  7. My novels (or at least my attempts) are written in a similar fashion. I tried an outline once; it destroyed my story. Winging it has always been so much more effective.

    The characters we create are little bit and pieces of ourselves I think. Even when we create the most morbid, terrifyingly terrible, ghastly horrid creature….it’s only because that very same creature, or at least one dangerously similar, is buried somewhere within us. After all, it is hard to write of things you’ve never known.

    I cannot wait to read this story. I am already so intrigued.

    1. Joseph Pinto says:

      Hmmm be careful of what you ask for…because you just may find it buried within 😉 lol

      I think imagination is nothing more than finely honed emotion that an individual is in absolute touch with.

      Thank you very much!! Well, what are you waiting for? Get reading!! 😛 lol

      1. I’m busy making a twitter ;P

      2. Joseph Pinto says:

        lmao I’ve created a monster!!

      3. Haha oh I was born a monster.

        You probably were too.

        Which is why we like the way each other write.

        It’s our little monsters communicating.


  8. mirabella says:

    Bellissima …every tempting word…decidedly decadent…each tortured emotion … every phrase dancing over…washing over mind…prickling skin…infiltrating deep within.

    Your words are good love. Painfully stunning harmonies repeating … they haunt and consume…echo true. There is a darkness in you…yet it shines … radiates in your words.

    Grazie for sharing,
    Bells xxx

    1. Joseph Pinto says:

      Hello Mirabella, thank you so very much! I appreciate you taking the time to read “Sex-Starved Thing;” your comments are very kind. “There is a darkness in you…yet it shines…” Hmmm, how in the world did you figure that out?? 🙂 lol

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