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I had the opportunity to chaperone my daughter’s kindergarten class trip last week.

We visited World of Wings, a great facility featuring a butterfly atrium, rooms filled with creepy-crawly bugs and slithering reptiles (inside their holding tanks, of course), and a whole host of other fun exhibits.  But the single attraction that stole the show by unanimous kid-vote was the bouncy house!! Butterflies flitting above their heads and Horned Bearded Dragons be darned, nothing could compare to the awesome allure of that bouncy house…

Naturally, I loved every minute of it. I loved being part of my daughter’s day, watching her interact with her young friends, seeing the sheer joy of discovery and rampaging fun on her face. I loved listening to her laugh; I loved seeing the curiosity that filled her innocent eyes. And yes, I loved watching her run amok with a whole horde of crazed, gleeful kids inside the irresistible bouncy house.

Just like those magnificent butterflies, my daughter spreads her wings a bit more every day. For someone who conjures and writes tales of the gruesome and horrible all of the time, it’s simply the most beautiful of wonders to see.

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17 thoughts on “Wings

  1. laughingwolf [tony hunt] says:

    thx joe… brings up all kinds of memories of my three when they were small, and we went to all kinds of neat places… now the youngest will be 29, in mid may 🙂

    1. Joseph Pinto says:

      Hi Tony! Holy, your youngest is now 29? I cannot even comprehend that on my end lol I just try to convince myself that my daughter will be five forever…until she turns six in late May lol Thank you for reading 🙂

  2. Hunter Shea says:

    You’re a very smart man to appreciate every moment you have with your daughter. Too many people clutter their lives with nonsense and wonder where the time went when their kids are grown.

    1. Joseph Pinto says:

      If I may steal from Forrest Gump, “I’m not a smart man, but I know what love is…”
      You know I’m working my ass off to get my name out there, Hunter, but not at the expense of missing moments and shared time with my daughter. No matter what happens along my career path, time with her is my priceless contract 🙂

      Thanks for reading, pal 🙂

  3. jaimiengle says:

    Awesome post. I know exactly what you’re talking about, as my son is also in kindergarten. My older son is 12, so with six years apart, I really savor the moments with my younger son more so than I think I did with my older son. Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

    1. Joseph Pinto says:

      Thank you for taking the time to read, Jaimie! Yes, if one doesn’t cherish the time with their child/children, then there is no point in chasing down a dream 🙂

  4. Sounds like it was a great class trip! I remember being ‘class aunt’ many times. It’s something I miss. Everyone else has told you how lucky you are to have a wee-one in your world, and to cherish the moments, so I’ll just say – shoot me directions to this place! I’ll grab the baby of the family (turning 20 on Tuesday) and drag her to see the butterflies and play in the bouncy house with me! lol Sounds like a wonderful time, I’m very happy you were able to share it with your daughter! :}

    1. Joseph Pinto says:

      Hi Nina! Yes, it was a blast! Yeah, I think if you went to this place, you’d somehow find a way to get yourself locked in for the night (security will find you in the morning, butterflies in your hair, lizards along your arms lol). Thank you very much!! 🙂

  5. MM Jaye says:

    That was beautiful, Joseph! Having a three-year-old daughter myself, I know the feeling! I’ve written a blog post on the experience I took from our exchange re Apep, which I’ll publish later today. I would appreciate a comment, as you are the inspiration behind it. Will send the link.
    Thank you!

    1. Joseph Pinto says:

      Hi Maria! Thank you very much. I look forward to your blog post; you’ve got me in suspense! lol
      Thank you for taking the time to read 🙂

  6. John says:

    We have a very similar place here in Denver … The Butterfly Pavilion is what we call it. Though, it seems there are more creepy bugs than butterflies… 🙂

    1. Joseph Pinto says:

      Thanks for reading, John! Yeah, and it seems the grownups enjoy these places more than the kids lol 🙂

  7. rbbjr says:

    Who is your publisher?

    1. Joseph Pinto says:

      Sirens Call Publishing, and they are superb!

  8. Magenta Nero says:

    a lovely piece, I can relate to this very much 🙂

    1. Joseph Pinto says:

      🙂 Thank you

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