Joseph A. Pinto

barflypoet & author of dark fiction


‘a poem for my daughter (someday to read)’


maybe someday you’ll recall how sentimental

i used to get but i couldn’t help it, especially

knowing your hand wouldn’t be quite as small

in my own anymore.  maybe you’ll remember the


nights i read to you, and i did my best to make

all your books come alive.  you thought i used magic—

it was only because your subtle grace


allowed me to build your kingdom in the sky.  forever

my sweet little princess—

you left me bowing at your feet, wrapped around

your fingers and toes and you knew it.


it seems like yesterday that we lay, head to head

upon your pillow.  you’d ask if your room would

grow dark soon as we watched dusk brush soft hues

across the walls;


i was always lost inside your inner sun

blinded by your beautiful.




© Copyright Joseph A. Pinto. All Rights Reserved.

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4 thoughts on “a poem for my daughter (someday to read)

  1. I read this with a pause and time as this is a stellar

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