Joseph A. Pinto

barflypoet & author of dark fiction


‘he might work in mysterious ways’


dug deep

into the metal

of the urinal partition

the message

jesus will save you.

honestly, if he hasn’t already

i doubt he ever will

especially while shaking

piss from the tip of my cock.




© Copyright Joseph A. Pinto. All Rights Reserved.

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7 thoughts on “he might work in mysterious ways

  1. I’ve heard the urinals of the word are where we find redemption

  2. Let me say that again
    I’ve heard the urinals of the world are where we find redemption

    1. Joseph Pinto says:

      lmao I got ya the first time 😉 I’m a believer that we can find redemption many places. Usually not where you’re expecting it, either 😉

  3. John says:

    As a 53-year-old gay guy, I’ve spent more than my fair share of time in men’s rooms … yes, even at the urinal, shaking my cock, among other things.

    Other than the occasional “Jesus saves” sticker or graffiti, I’ve not found redemption. Deprivation, perhaps. But not redemption.

    Not that I’m expecting to be redeemed.

    1. Joseph Pinto says:

      John, I haven’t found redemption yet either, my friend. Except maybe in those dulled moments when I make it so for myself…

      1. John says:

        I think I’ve given up on redemption, in a ‘religious’ sense. At the moment, my redemption is getting sober again. Not sure that happens at a urinal LOL

      2. Joseph Pinto says:

        lmao No, I would say not. But good for you, John, I’m proud of you. Keep marching forward, my friend.

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