Joseph A. Pinto

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steady hands but the keener eye spots the tremble straight off. there’s no shame in a spot of liquid courage. the fallacy is that it keeps muscles from reverberating. truth is it rids the shit from the stench of giving less than anything that was ever returned. to some degree i love you all but you’ve given me nothing worth collecting save for painful life lessons and a bitter aftertaste from the karma leaked down from my head. i won’t miss any of you. there’s crumpled photographs and empty envelopes and christmases full of sitting at a table feeling i was april fools. clearly it explains why i chose rabbit holes to stain my palms and took comfort against the dismissive cool of a bottle. comfort finds you through the seduction of understanding, which is why a whore will win your world with a smile and a priest hurries along her last moan of redemption. there is something nothing short of utter anguish knowing i’ll pass on some day one half of my whole while no one remotely close to me ever recognized a fraction to the sum of my parts. do not cry for me. i’ll not allow my name on your tongue. understand this is all well thought out. the sinews quiver not from fear but the jolt of realization i am finally free of you all.


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3 thoughts on “grievous

    1. Joseph Pinto says:

      thank you, Kim 🥰

      1. You’re welcome😊

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