Joseph A. Pinto

barflypoet & author of dark fiction

Now, we’ve pretty much been around the globe on our Dusk and Summer blog tour, and I hope you’ve come to understand just how unique and special Dusk and Summer is.  I personally guarantee you haven’t read anything like this, and if you think you know what’s coming in my story…think again.

Fellow horror author Brent Abell heard about my guarantee, so he decided to invite us to his digs in Southern Indiana and his blog ‘Our Darkest Fears.’  Brent loves whiskey (that’s enough to start a bro-mance right there, I tell ya), and after knocking back a few, asked me to share my thoughts on the ‘elements of horror in Dusk and Summer.’

Just fyi: there’s a Holiday Inn across the street that has vacancies.  You better settle in.  I brought along a few bottles of Johnnie Black for everyone.  It might just be a long night…

P.S. Whenever you manage to wake, make sure to say hello to Brent! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Dusk and Summer Blog Tour: Stop #10

  1. Great post on Brent Abell’s blog! 🙂

  2. Joseph Pinto says:

    Thank you very much, Nina! 🙂

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